You are the missing LINK



There is a story that goes like this...


A man walks along a beach littered with thousands of star fish that have washed ashore. As he continues walking along the shore, he sees a little boy picking up the star fish, one at a time, and throwing them back into the ocean.

The man asks the little boy what he is doing and the little boy replies: “I am saving the star fish”. The man startlingly replies: “But there are thousands of them. What difference will it make?” The boy picks up another star fish, throws it into the ocean and says: “It made a difference to that one.” 

                                                                                                Author: Unknown


Since the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), was signed in 2000 by world leaders to reduce global poverty and disease by 2015, the worlds attention has been on Africa. While the reality of child headed households, infants born with HIV and poverty have lead to world leader’s focusing on a global relief plan, Angel Link plans to help one beautiful star fish at a time.

The people, the homes, the communities aided by the projects run by Angel Link would never have been possible without the continuous support of donors and volunteers. To you we say thank you, you most amazing soul!